2-3 / 1992

Two homelands



PETER J. RACHLEFF: The Croatian Fraternal Union, Zajedničar, and the Second Generation

HENRY A. CHRISTIAN: The Prosveta English Language Section: Certainly Hot Hard News, and Never Intented Be

KATHRYN KOOP: The New Immigrant Press in the New York Area

MIHAEL KUZMIČ: The Amerikanski Slovencov Glas Weekly

ROZINA ŠVENT: Slovene Refugee Press in Camps in Austria and Italy

IGOR MAVER: Slovene Immigrant Literature in the Postmodern World: The Rise of Multiculturality and Muti-ethnicity in Australia, the United States of America and Canada

MARINA LUKŠIČ-HACIN: Review of (Domestic) Sociological Studies of Slovene Migration Problems in Europe from 1945 on

JANEZ STANONIK: The Prehistory of Slovene Journalism in the United States

M. MARK STOLARIK: The Slovak Press in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries, with Particular Emphasis on the Slovak-American

ALEŠ BRECELJ: Slovene Ethnic Press in Argentina until the Second Word War

IRENE MISLEJ: Slovenian Press in Argentina after World War II

MAJDA KODRIČ: The Press as a Link Between the Leaders and the Rank and File of an Ethnic Fraternal Organization; Handling the Situation of Second generation Membership in the KSKJ’s Organs

ANDREJ ROT: Slovenian Press in Argentina After World War II

RUDOLF M. SUSEL: The Mission and Role of the Ameriška DomovinaWeekly in the History of Slovenes in America, 1919-1991

JANJA ŽITNIK SERAFIN: Louis Adamic’s Periodicals

MARJAN DRNOVŠEK: Immigrant and Other Publications Among the Slovenesin Western Europe until 1940

BREDA ČEBULJ SAJKO: Studies of Slovene Immigrants in Australia

ANDREJ VOVKO: Slovene Refugees in Austria Considered Through the Newspaper Domači glasovi

RADO GENORIO: Slovene Press in Canada

MATJAŽ KLEMENČIČ: Elections for Councilrnen in the City of Cleveland and Slovenes of Cleveland

DARKO FRIŠ: The Activities of the Congregation of the School Sistersof the Order of St. Francis of Assisi of Christ the Kingin the U.S.A

LEOPOLDINA PLUT-PREGELJ: Catholic Educational System in USA and the Establishing of Primary Schools at Slovene Parishes (1895-1941)

BREDA ČEBULJ SAJKO: Review - Marjan Drnovšek, Od Ljubljane do Ellis Islanda - Otoka solza v New Yorku: 1880 - 1924, Ljubljana, Mladika, 1991, 244 str.

BREDA ČEBULJ SAJKO: Review - Jurij Zalokar, Mavrična kača, Radovljica, Didakta, 1990, 135 str.

MARJAN DRNOVŠEK: Review - Breda Čebulj-Sajko: Med srečo in svobodo. Avstralski Slovenci o sebi. Ljubljana: samozaložba, 1992, 251 str.