2-3 / 1992
Marjan Drnovšek

Immigrant and Other Publications Among the Slovenesin Western Europe until 1940

The paper deals with the scope and role of the Slovene immigrant, pro-Yugoslav and communist newspapers and periodicals in Western Europe until the outbreak of World War 11. The latter two groups of publications are dealt with as far as they included contributions by Slovene economic and political em igrants or met w ith response in emigration milieus. The author's findfings are based on the study of the newspapers and periodicals available in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and the periodicals department of the National Library in Paris. The fact that the nespapers and periodicals have not been preserved in complete files renders analytical study more difficult. The most incomplete are the communist publications which were issued in underground or sem i-underground conditions, some of them having no more than one issue. Still more scarce are data abouth the plans on the launching of newspapers and periodicals by emigrants themselves. The paper represents a basis for further research into the role and im portance of Slovene-language publications in the Slovene immigrant circles in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the Soviet Union and other European states until the year 1940.

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