2-3 / 1992
Mihael Kuzmič

The Amerikanski Slovencov Glas Weekly

At the beginning of the twentieth century our Prekmurje relatives started settling in Betlehem, Pa., USA, where a strong Slovene community developed very soon. The community successfully organized life in the new environment, established the Evangelical and Catholic Churches and charitable societies, and cared for its ethnic, cultural and religious traditions. A great contribution to this process was made by the newspaper Amerikanski Slovencov Glas launched in 1921 as the common publication of all the com m unity. Forthty good years, up until his retirement in 1954, the paper was edited and published by Aleksander Kardoš, a leading figure in the cultural life of Prekmurje Slovenes in the United States. The Amerikanski Slovencov Glas was one of the most important factors of presevation of national, cultural and religious consciousness among the Prekmurje immigrants in the first half of this century.

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