15 / 2002

Two homelands


CERI PEACH: Ethnic Diversity and the City

MARINA LUKŠIČ-HACIN: Multiculturalism, International Migrations and Inherited Group Identifications: Ethnicity, Race, Sex

JAMES COHEN: Inequality and Difference: Current Sociological Challenges to the French »Republican Model of Integration«

MONIKA ZULAUF: East-West Labour Migration and Integration : Trends and Prospects for Health Professionals

ANTOINE PECOUD: Contemporary Trends in Berlin’s Turkish Economy

ANN-KATRIN BACKLUND: Why are the Barriers into the Labour Market rising? An Analysis of the Exclusion process of Immigrants in the Swedish Labour Market

BRUCE FRIEDMAN, JULIET STUMPF: Speaking a New Language : Immigration and Civil Rights in a Global Economy

KATARZYINA SZYMANSKA: Social Policy Towards Foreigners in Poland after 1989 : An Outline of Issues

JANJA ŽITNIK SERAFIN: Literary Returning and the Limits of National Literature

MARINA LUKŠIČ-HACIN: Returned Emigrants as Part of the Migration Circle