41 / 2015

Two homelands



ANDREJA VEZOVNIK: Ex-Yugoslavian Immigrant Workers in Slovenia: Between Balkanization and Victimization

MIRAN KOMAC, ANDREJA BARLE LAKOTA: Breaking the Glass Ceiling: The Case of the Roma Ethnic Minority in Slovenia

FRANCISCO JAVIER GARCíA CASTAñO, MARIA RUBIO GOMEZ, OUAFAA BOUACHRA: Immigrant Students at School in Spain: Constructing a Subject of Study

REBEKA MESARIĆ ŽABČIĆ, MAGDALENA VRBANEC: The Transnational Experience of Croatian Migrants and their Descendants Born in Germany

MOHAMMAD MORAD, JURE GOMBAČ: Transmigrants, Transnational Linkages and Ways of Belonging: The Case of Bangladeshi Migrants in Italy

ALEKSEJ KALC: Trieste as a Hub of Overseas Migration Before WWI

MAŠA MARTY: Music Sets Forth the Journey – The Meaning of Music in Migrations

MATEJA ČOH KLADNIK: “Gangs” and the Slovene Emigration within Austrian Refugee Camps: 1945–1949

ALEŠ BUČAR RUČMAN: Analysis of Migrations and Relations in Multicultural Society: A Case Study of the City Municipality of Velenje

KARMEN ERJAVEC: Role of Media in Construction of Identity and Integration of Young Migrant Adolescents from Former Yugoslavia in Slovenian Society

MARIJA JURIĆ PAHOR: The University as a Transnational and Transcultural Space: Reflections on the Rising “Knowledge Elite”

KLARA KOŽAR ROSULNIK, NIVES LIČEN: Intertwining of Migrations and Learning: Biographic Learning as Forming an Identity and Knowledge through Migration Experiences

MILANKA MUNDA, MOJCA PEČEK: Class Mates' and Teachers' Attitudes toward Roma Pupils in Elementary Schools in Maribor

LAURA TOMMILA: Book Reviews - Mirca Madianou, Daniel Miller: Migration and New Media. Transnational Families and Polymedia, Routledge, London, 2012, 175 pp.

EVELINA SCHÖN: Book reviews - Robyn Magalit Rodriguez, Migrants for Export – How the Philippine State Brokers Labor to the World, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2010, 208 pp.