19 / 2004

Two homelands


PETER GRAF: Migration as a change of cultural relations by a new language map

ZVONE ŽIGON: Preservation of ethnic identity among Slovenian emigrants in the era of globalization

SLADJA BLAZAN: The immigrant Is Dead, Long Live The Immigrant: The East European Transmigrant in Contemporary American Literature

SUZANA C. ZIEHL: Globalization, Migration and Family Diversity

ADA AHARONI: The Necessity of a New Multicultural Peace Culture

JANJA ŽITNIK SERAFIN: Multiculturalism and Globalization: A Comment

MARINA LUKŠIČ-HACIN: Conceptual Dilemmas in Treatises on Multiculturalism and Globalisation

MIRJAM MILHARČIČ-HLADNIK: Preserving of Ethnic Identity and Heritage among The Slovenian Immigrants and Their Descendants in The United States

JERNEJ MLEKUŽ: Some Aspects of Employment of Young Women from Julian Slovenia in Households of ItalianTowns: A Silent, Bitter-sweet, Never Entirely Spoken out and Heard Story

IRENA GANTAR GODINA: Slovene Intellectuals – Emigrants In Croatia: The Case of Jernej Francelj (1821–1889)

ALEŠ GABRIČ: How the Culture of The Slovene Emigrants was Received in Slovenia

BREDA ČEBULJ SAJKO: The Ethnology and Homecomers