10 / 1999

Two homelands


ZVONE ŽIGON: Slovene Identity in Venezuela

AVGUST HORVAT: The beginning, development and present state of secondary school courses among post-war Slovene immigrants in Argentina

BREDA ČEBULJ SAJKO: Ethnic Identity of the First Postwar Generation of Australian Slovenes

BOGDAN KOLAR: St. Joseph KSKJ Local Lodge, Bridgeport, Connecticut

IRENA MILANIČ: Mary Jugg Molek - an American writer and poet with Slovene roots

IGOR MAVER: Irena Birsa: An Australian poet and scholar of Slovene descent

MICHAEL STAMMERS: ‘A Working Man’s Paradise’ - English awareness of emigration and New Zealand in the Age of Sail

TINE T. KURENT: About the material compiled by professor Christian for a monograph on Louis Adamic