13 / 2001

Two homelands


DAN SHIFFMAN: Louis Adamic and the Metaphor of Immigrant Generations

BREDA ČEBULJ SAJKO: Auto-biographic method – “Case Study” – Australian Slovenes

JERNEJ MLEKUŽ: A contribution for a different geography: migration, power and identity in relation two worlds one another

ANDREJ VOVKO: The Branches of the Družba Sv. Mohorja (The Society of St. Hermagors) in Germany in the Years 1888-1918

MATJAŽ KLEMENČIČ: The development of the Slovene Emigrant Community in Rock Springs, Wyoming, from the first Slovene Settlers until the Beginning of the 1930’s

METODA BLAGOTINŠEK TURK: The first ten years of activity of S.N.P.J.

ZVONE ŽIGON: Slovene political emigration in Argentina

JANEZ NARED: The Slovene After-War Political Emigration and the Development of the Idea of Independence of Slovenia

AVGUŠTIN BUDJA: Slovenes in Sweden: a short processing of statistical Data (2001)