48 / 2018

Two homelands


FABIO PEROCCO: Posted Workers between Work Casualisation and the Precarisation of Migration

MOJCA VAH JEVŠNIK, NATAŠA ROGELJA: Occupational Safety and Health in Transnational Workplaces: The Case of Posted Workers

SONILA DANAJ: Posted Work and Occupational Safety and Health: A Literature Review

MARINA LUKŠIČ-HACIN: The Migration Dynamics of the Slovenian Territory in Historical Perspective

DEJAN VALENTINČIČ: Views of Selected Australian Slovenes on the State of Democracy and Rule of Law in Slovenia

MOJCA MEDVEŠEK: The Importance of Learning Slovene within the Educational System for the Slovenian Community in Varaždin County

SONJA RUTAR: School Quality from the Perspective of Migrant Children as a Basis for Ensuring Inclusive Education

KLARA KOŽAR ROSULNIK: Biographical Learning and Identity (Re)construction: The Migration Experiences of Neža Gerkšič, aka Agnes Lacroix

URŠKA STRLE: At the Intersection of Mobility and Social Networks: A Biographical Sketch of Ivana Kobilca

MATEJA SEDMAK: Identities and Belongings of “Second-Generation Migrant Women”

JUSTINE GRACE N. ABRUGENA: Book review - Deirdre McKay, An Archipelago of Care: Filipino Migrants and Global Networks

BEATRICE MARIOTTINI: Book Review - Natasha King, No Borders: The Politics of Immigration Control and Resistance

ALEKSEJ KALC: Book Review - Francesca Fauri (ed.), The History of Migration in Europe: Perspectives from Economics, Politics and Sociology