14 / 2001

Two homelands


IRENA GANTAR GODINA: Cultural-artistic activity of Slovenes in Slavic countries up to WWI

IRENA MILANIČ: Concern for the second generation: the case of the SNPJ – a cultural investment for the maintenance of the Slovene identity in the United States

ULF BEIJBOM: Swedish etnicity in America

ZVONE ŽIGON: Slovene culture in South America after the attainment of independence of Slovenia

MATIJA OGRIN: The philosophic work of Prof. Milan Komar

MARINA LUKŠIČ-HACIN: The significance of cultural-artistic activity among Slovene emigrants : Western Europe

JANJA ŽITNIK SERAFIN: The Slovene emigrants’ creative writing and its role in modern Slovene culture

ROZINA ŠVENT: The book : a blessing for the soul; the book : recollection and admonishment

CVETKA KOCJANČIČ: Contemporary challenges of Slovene immigrant writers

LEV DETELA: Five decades of the Slovene emigrant cultural magazine Meddobje

JERNEJA PETRIČ: Slovene theatre in Cleveland : Beginnings, flowering and the end

MIHAEL KUZMIČ: Beginnings of the drama /play/ activity among the Slovenian emigrants in Bethlehem, PA., USA

DUŠAN DRLJAČA, JADRANKA ĐORđEVIĆ: Gusle, gusle-players and their societies among the serbian immigrants in united states

MIRJANA PAVLOVIĆ: »The Popovich Brothers« : Tamburitza in the life of Serbian community in Chicago

ZVONE PODVINSKI: The folklore life among Slovene compatriots in Sweden

MATJAŽ KLEMENČIČ: Slovene cultural heritage in the United States

LOJZ TRŠAN: The Slovene film archives and emigration

DEAN CEGLAR: Migrations from Ribnica valley from the middle of the 19th century to second world war