25 / 2007

Two homelands


MARKO ZAJC: The Problem of “affi liation” of Žumberk and Marindol people in decades before and after the dissolution of Vojna krajina in 1881

DAMIR JOSIPOVIČ: Žumberk/Žumberak: boundary, ethnicity, religion, fertility and migration of population – demographical analysis

PETER REPOLUSK: Some Demographic Characteristics of the Greek-Catholic Žumberčani Population in Slovenia

JASNA ČAPO ŽMEGAČ: Return to the Border: Migration Experiences in the Croatia-GermanySlovenia Triangle

DUŠKA KNEŽEVIĆ HOČEVAR: Do the Žumberak people predominantly intermarry? The case of the Radatovići parish

IRENA ROŽMAN: Marriage strategies of parishioners of Velike Brusnice beneath Gorjanci near Novo mesto

MARJAN DRNOVŠEK: Krek’s Westphalian letters: social-economic views and emigration

MARINA LUKŠIČ-HACIN: Normative aspects and work conditions for migrants in the Federal Republic of German

JANJA ŽITNIK SERAFIN: Emigrant literature and periodicals: eloquent statistic

MIRJAM MILHARČIČ-HLADNIK: Marie Prisland – her role in preserving Slovenian culture and tradition among Slovenian migrants in the United States

KSENIJA ŠABEC: Ethnic, regional and national identities in the context of European cross border cooperation opportunities: a case study of Italian ethnic community in Slovene Istri

REBEKA MESARIĆ ŽABČIĆ: The lifestyle of the Croatian emigration corpus in Australia: experiences, opinions and standpoints of young Australian Croats

MAŠA MIKOLA: Quiet observer in the silent field: Ethnography and the present time

NEŽA FLORJANČIČ: The question of identity in Magreb literatur