43 / 2016

Two homelands


JANJA ŽITNIK SERAFIN: IN MEMORIAM - Andrej Vovko (22. 3. 1947–5. 9. 2015),

ALEŠ BUČAR RUČMAN: Social Control and International Migration: An Analysis of Control from the Global to the Local Level

ALEKSEJ KALC: Control over Migrants and Migration Movements: A Glance at History

MIRJAM MILHARČIČ-HLADNIK: Control of Control: Strategies of Resistance and Autonomy of Agency of Women Migrants in the Contemporary and Historical Perspective

MAJA MODIC: The Convergence between Migration and Policing: the Slovenian Perspective

URŠULA LIPOVEC ČEBRON, JELKA ZORN: Autonomy and Control of Migration in European “Buffer Zones”

ZORAN KANDUČ, ALEŠ BUČAR RUČMAN: Class War, Labour and Migration: The Case of Migrant Workers in Slovenia

VESNA LESKOŠEK: Migrations and Access to Social Rights in the EU and Slovenia

MARINA PERIĆ KASELJ, ALEKSANDAR VUKIĆ, JELENA ZLATKOVIĆ WINTER: Croatian Ethnic Associations in Slovenia: Historical Context and the Ethnic Situation

VLADIMIR PREBILIČ, IRENA BAČLIJA: Reflections of Multiculturalism and Patriotism in Slovene Elementary School Curricula

ASJA PEHAR: Factors of Social Integration of Immigrants in Spain: The Example of the City of Jerez de la Frontera

JERNEJ MLEKUŽ: Aleksandrinke as the Carriers of Honour of National Community in the Karol Pečnik's Post from Egypt (1897)

MARIJANCA AJŠA VIŽINTIN: Slovenian Emigrants and their Descendants in Germany: Twenty Years of Gatherings of the Slovenian Organizations at Conferences

FRANCESCO DELLA PUPPA: Book Reviews - Mirjam Milharčič Hladnik (ed.), From Slovenia to Egypt: Aleksandrinke’s Trans-Mediterranean Domestic Workers’ Migration and National Imagination, V & R unipress, Göttingen, 2015

NATAŠA ROGELJA: Book Reviews - Catherine Doherty, Wendy Patton, Paul Shield, Familiy Mobility: Reconciling career opportunities and educational strategy Routledge, London, New York, 2015, 221 str.