51 / 2020

Two homelands


JANJA ŽITNIK SERAFIN: The Relevance of Louis Adamic for the 21st Century

KSENIJA ŠABEC: Representations of Native Americans in Adamic’s Writing on (New) Immigrants

JOHN PAUL ENYEART: Trieste and Louis Adamic’s Transnational Identities

LEONORA FLIS: Social Engagement and Multiculturalism in Louis Adamic’s Literary Journalism and Documentary Prose

MATJAŽ KLEMENČIČ, MILAN MRđENOVIĆ: Louis Adamic and the Second World War in American and Slovenian Historiography

MILAN MRđENOVIĆ: Reactions to Adamic's Work in the American and Slovenian Press between 1931 and 1934

JOAN LACOMBA, MOURAD ABOUSSI: Migration and Development Organizations: The Diversification of Civil Society in Spain

LAURE ZARIF KEYROUZ: Mobility and Identity in the Art and Literature of Etel Adnan

MIRJAM MILHARČIČ-HLADNIK: Collective Experience of Defection and other Types of Youth Emigration after the Second World War in Written, Oral and other Auto/Biographical Sources

BLAŽ LENARČIČ: The Migration Process in the Network Society

TANJA ŽIGON, VESNA KONDRIČ HORVAT, BOŠTJAN UDOVIČ: Questions of Identity, Migrations and Transculturality: The Case of the Poet Cvetka Lipuš

MIHA ZOBEC: Book Review - John Paul Enyeart, Death to Fascism: Louis Adamic’s Fight for Democracy Baltimore, University of Illinois Press, 2019, 216 str.