45 / 2017

Two homelands


MOJCA VAH JEVŠNIK: Introduction to the Thematic Section

CLAUDIA SCHNEIDER: A Conceptual Framework for Analysing Admission Policy: A Case Study of Recent Developments in Germany’s Asylum Policy

SYNNøVE BENDIXSEN: The Production of Irregular Migrants: The Case of Norway

DARJA ZAVIRŠEK: “Stultifera Navis” on the Balkan Refugees Route

MATEJA SEDMAK, ZORANA MEDARIĆ: Life Transitions of the Unaccompanied Migrant Children in Slovenia: Subjective Views

TJAŠA ŽAKELJ, BLAŽ LENARČIČ: Determination of the Best Interest of Unaccompanied Minors in Slovenia

ANDREJA VEZOVNIK: Introduction to the Thematic Section

KSENIJA VIDMAR HORVAT: The Balkan Road and the Guarding of Europe: The Refugee Crisis on the Borders of Slovenia

ANDREJA VEZOVNIK: Otherness and Victimhood in the Tabloid Press: The Case of the “Refugee Crisis” in “Slovenske Novice”

MARUŠA PUŠNIK: The Dynamics of Journalistic Discourse on Populism and Extremism: Moralistic Stories about Refugees

BREDA LUTHAR: Refugees and “Odmevi”: The Epistemology of Conventions

MOJCA PAJNIK: Media-Political Parallelism: Legitimization of Migration Policy in Editorials in the Daily Newspaper “Delo”

DEJAN JONTES: Between Detachment and Engagement: Paradoxes in Reproting about the “Refugee Crisis” in Daily Press

LAURA BOUCSEIN: Book Review - Gregory Feldman: The Migration Apparatus. Security, Labor, and Policymaking in the European Union. Stanford University Press, 2012, pp. 224

ALEKSEJ KALC: Book Review - Paolo Barcella, Michele Colucci (ur.), Frontalieri, ASEI – Archivio storico dell'emigrazione italiana 12/2016. Edizioni Sette Città, Viterbo