54 / 2021

Two homelands


FRANCESCO DELLA PUPPA, FABIO PEROCCO: The Coronavirus Crisis and Migration: Inequalities, Discrimination, Resistance

FABIO PEROCCO: The Coronavirus Crisis and Migration: The Pan-Syndemic and Its Impact on Migrants

ARUN KUMAR ACHARYA, SANJIB PATEL: Vulnerabilities of Internal Returnee Migrants in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India

YASMIN SAIKIA: The Muslim Precariat of Assam: Contagion, Migrants, and COVID-19

MOHAMMAD RIDUAN PARVEZ: Social Stigma and COVID-19: The Experiences of Bangladeshi Returnees from Italy

NICOLA COSTALUNGA: Entry Denied: Japan’s Border Restrictions in the Time of the COVID-19 Emergency

REENA KUKREJA: COVID-19, Racial Capitalism, and Undocumented Bangladeshi Agricultural Workers in Manolada, Greece

MARINA CENEDESE, IVANA SPIROVSKA: Online Education of Marginalized Children in North Macedonia and Italy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

PAOLA BONIZZONI, SENYO DOTSEY: Migration and Legal Precarity in the Time of Pandemic: Qualitative Research on the Italian Case

DAVIDE FILIPPI, LUCA GILIBERTI: Italian Reception Policies and Pandemic: From Exclusion to Abandonment

STEFANIA SPADA: Old Rhetoric and New Devices: Quarantine Ships as an Instrument of Externalization

GIULIANA SANò, OMID FIROUZI TABAR: The “Double Emergency” and the Securitization of the Humanitarian Approach in the Italian Reception System within the Pandemic Crisis

SONILA DANAJ, ERKA ÇARO: Intra-EU Mobility: The Employment and Welfare Experience of Temporary EU Workers in the United Kingdom

MARIJANCA AJŠA VIŽINTIN: The Beginnings of Mother Tongue Lessons of Slovenian Language and Culture in Germany in the Twentieth Century

DUŠKA KNEŽEVIĆ HOČEVAR, SANJA CUKUT KRILIĆ: Mental Health and Migration: The Applicability of the Mental Health First Aid Program

MIHA ZOBEC: Book review - Annemarie Steidl, On Many Routes: Internal, European, and Transatlantic Migration in the Late Habsburg Empire: West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University Press, 2021, 344 pp.

LUCIJA KLUN: Book Review - Jernej Mlekuž, ABCČĆ migracij: Založba ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana, 2021