57 / 2023

Two homelands


NEŽA KOGOVŠEK ŠALAMON: Legislative and Judicial Responses to the “Refugee Crisis” in Slovenia and Austria: A Comparative Perspective

ATANAS DIMITROV, VASIL PAVLOV: Mixed Migration After the Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan: State Capacity and Public Perceptions in Bulgaria

RANI ANDRIANI BUDI KUSUMO, GANJAR KURNIA, IWAN SETIAWAN, RIWANTO TIRTOSUDARMO: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Reflections on the Importance of Reintegration Strategies for Returnee Migrant Workers

MAJA GOSTIČ: Mementos of a Love Faraway: Everyday Objects with Great Meanings

TIMOTHY POGAČAR: Literary Translations Foster an Educated Immigrant Community: The Newspaper Prosveta and Czech-American Comparisons

ANITA JUG DOŠLER: Supporting Immigrants in Workplace Language Learning: Challenges for Organizations

KATARINA TIBAUT: The Linguistic Reality in Austria from the Perspective of International Migrants and Cross-Border Workers with Slovenian Citizenship

MIHA ZOBEC: Book Review - Brigitte Le Normand, Citizens Without Borders: Yugoslavia and Its Migrant Workers in Western Europe Toronto: Toronto University Press, 2021, 286 pp.