2-3 / 1992
Marina Lukšič-Hacin

Review of (Domestic) Sociological Studies of Slovene Migration Problems in Europe from 1945 on

The paper gives a review of domestic sociological studies of Slovene migration in the postwar period. The greater part of the studies was carried out with in the long-term research project of the FSPN Research Institute. Works published in the preparatory period included a draft research project, two extensive bibliographies and a report on the most important data from the study of immigrant workers carried out by the Bundesanstalt fur Arbeit in spring of 1972. The author divides other studies into four groups: studies of the life of Slovenes in FRG, 2. studies of Slovene returnees from FRG, 3. studies of the specific problems of Pomurje immigrants and 4. other studies. In dealing with the subject the author adopted a problem - based approach.

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