53 / 2021

Two homelands


JERNEJ MLEKUŽ: A Handmaid's Tale? Stories of Women Migrants Who Were Not Stopped by Walls

JAKA REPIČ: Images of Branislava Sušnik among the Slovenians in Argentina: Migration, Life in Paraguay, and Connections with the Homeland

MARIJA MOJCA TERČELJ: The Overlooked Researcher: The Contribution of Dr. Branislava Sušnik to the Research of the Indigenous Cultures of Paraguay

KRISTINA TOPLAK: Between Creativity and Migration: The Life Course of Artist and Refugee Bara Remec

ANA JELNIKAR: Marija Sreš, the Missionary Who Became an Indian Writer: Toward New Trends in Researching Women Missionaries

JELKA ZORN: The European Border Regime: People Smuggling and the Paradox of the Criminalization of Solidarity

ROK ZUPANČIČ, DENIS PREMEC: The Attitudes of People Living at the Slovenian State Border Toward Immigrants: A Case Study of the Municipalities Kostel and Osilnica

ELA PORIĆ, ALEŠ ČRNIČ: Representations of Islam and Muslims in Slovenian Primary School Textbooks

URŠKA STRLE: Identity Transformations in Migratory Processes: The Fluid Belonging of a Canadian with Slovenian-Italian Roots

MIHA ZOBEC: Book Review – Anna Mazurkiewicz (ur.), East Central European Migrations During the Cold War: A Handbook; Berlin in Boston, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2019, 430 str.