41 / 2015
Rebeka Mesarić Žabčić, Magdalena Vrbanec

The Transnational Experience of Croatian Migrants and their Descendants Born in Germany


The large number of Croatians who live in Germany maintain connections with their homeland of varying strength and intensity. This article analyzes the life stories of Croatian emigrants living in Germany and the migration experiences of two families convinced of the temporariness of their living and working abroad. Their transnational activities are influenced by the structure and functionality of the families observed, which conduct transnational practices that connect two geographically distant areas. The experience of the descendants of Croatian emigrants is also analyzed, as is their degree of transnational connection with their country of origin. Migrations and the transnational experiences of every individual contribute to a better knowledge and understanding of global processes of migration. 
KEY WORDS: Germany, Croatian migrants, descendants of Croatian emigrants, family, transnationalism

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