41 / 2015
Aleksej Kalc

Trieste as a Hub of Overseas Migration Before WWI

The paper examines the migratory processes through the port of Trieste and the role that it played in international overseas emigration from the 1880s to 1914. The focus is on the failed attempt to establish routes for emigrants via Trieste in 1888/89; the late entrance of the main Austro-Hungarian port into the international maritime migratory business and its role within transatlantic migratory movements from Eastern and Southeastern Europe, especially within emigration from the Austro-Hungarian area itself; the organizational aspects of the traffic and the problems faced by the companies, the municipality and the emigrants due to a lack of suitable accommodations, and the implications the increasing flow of emigrants had for public order and everyday life in the city. Attention is also paid to migration currents that bypassed Trieste and to the role of Ljubljana as a hub of emigration.
KEY WORDS: overseas migration, transmigration, organizational aspects of migration, Trieste, Ljubljana

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