41 / 2015
Klara Kožar Rosulnik, Nives Ličen

Intertwining of Migrations and Learning: Biographic Learning as Forming an Identity and Knowledge through Migration Experiences

The text presents migration experiences as a field of learning interpreted through the biographic learning theory. Migrations represent important life transitions creating learning opportunities both on the macro level by individuals facing cultural systems, and on the micro level through tiny stories of an individual’s experiencing of relationships and transitions. The text deals with biographic learning as a process that takes place in everyday life and signifies a (re)construction of identity, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. In this process, the subject is auto-reflective, an active “producer” of knowledge and constructor of their own identity. With learning, their life sphere changes through reflective narration and reflective practices of everyday life. The purpose of the paper is to analyse biographic learning and to describe it as a conceptual tool used to research learning by means of migrations as transformative experiences.
KEY WORDS: migration, biographical learning, disjunction, identity