53 / 2021
Marija Mojca Terčelj

The Overlooked Researcher: The Contribution of Dr. Branislava Sušnik to the Research of the Indigenous Cultures of Paraguay

This article presents the life story of Slovenian emigrant Dr. Branislava Sušnik. It evaluates her scientific research work in the historical anthropology, ethnography, ethno­linguistics, and museology of Paraguay. It exposes the importance of her research in American studies and its public reception in Paraguay. It also draws attention to the inappropriate attitude of the Slovenian professional community toward her scientific achievements. Until now, Slovenian ethnology and cultural anthropology have failed to evaluate her scientific work. In conclusion, the article proposes the professional and personal recognition of Dr. Sušnik and the translation and inclusion of her key works into the heritage of Slovenian scientific achievements.
KEYWORDS: Branislava Sušnik, Paraguay, historical anthropology, ethnolinguistics, indigenous people

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