53 / 2021
Kristina Toplak

Between Creativity and Migration: The Life Course of Artist and Refugee Bara Remec

The author analyzes the life of Bara Remec as an artist, teacher, refugee, mountain­eer, philanthropist, woman. The well-known painter of the Slovenian diaspora lived in Ljubljana, studied in Zagreb, and found refuge in post-war Argentina. The biography of Bara Remec is based on many sources, among which we can find only a few inter­views with the artist and ego-records of her contemporaries. In addition to the methodological challenges that the author faced when writing the portrait, the focus is on lesser-known data and focal points from the painter’s life, embedded in the migra­tion, gender, and identity issues of the period in which she lived.
KEYWORDS: Bara Remec, Argentina, migration, artist, biography

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