43 / 2016
Aleksej Kalc

Control over Migrants and Migration Movements: A Glance at History

The article outlines migration control in Europe from the 18th century to WWI with particular emphasis on its milestones and historical phases. It starts with the control criteria undertaken during the absolu­tism of the early modern period in order to manage migration movements and consolidate the power of the central state. This is followed by a presentation of the liberal attitude towards migrations arising from the French revolution. Over the course of the 19th century this attitude brought about a regime of relatively free transnational migration movements, responding to the rationale of economic liberalism and the international labour market. The third part focuses on state protectionism and interventio­nism following WWI, when the states strengthened their control systems over migration movements and started to govern them in order to protect their national labour markets and according to other national interests.
KEY WORDS: migration control, freedom of migration, migration policy, migration regimes, welfare state

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