51 / 2020
Matjaž Klemenčič, Milan Mrđenović

Louis Adamic and the Second World War in American and Slovenian Historiography

The authors present Adamic's role during the Second World War. Adamic was active in various American organizations such as the Common Council for American Unity and the US government’s National Defense Commission. He took the position that the ethnic diversity of the American population must be taken into account when activating it for the US military effort. He was also a leading member of organizations of American South Slavic immigrants, such as the United Committee of South-Slavic Americans and the Slovenian American National Council. More recent American literature on Yugoslav Americans during World War II deals with them predominantly as a problem of national security for the US, on the basis of which we discover new horizons of Adamic’s activities during the Second World War.
KEY WORDS: Louis Adamic, UCSSA, FBI, communism, Yugoslavia

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