48 / 2018
Mojca Vah Jevšnik, Nataša Rogelja

Occupational Safety and Health in Transnational Workplaces: The Case of Posted Workers

The article presents the results of an empirical study on the occupational safety and health (OSH) of posted workers in transnational, multilingual and multi-employer workplaces. The argument is based on data obtained from semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders in Slovenia, which we analyse within the framework of Sargeant and Tucker’s (2009) layered vulnerability approach. We discuss multiple vulnerabilities of posted workers who are disproportionally recruited into hazardous jobs and exposed to numerous health hazards. Possible measures to reduce OSH-related vulnerabilities of posted workers are identified and discussed, including the role of information sharing and awareness raising.
KEY WORDS: posted workers, occupational safety and health, transnational workplaces, vulnerabilities, Slovenia