19 / 2004
Aleš Gabrič

How the Culture of The Slovene Emigrants was Received in Slovenia

he party that became ruler in Slovenia in 1945 attempted to prevent the Slovenes in Slovenia from acquainting with cultural creativity of Slovenes in the neighbouring countries and in emigration. When Slovenes in Slovenia wanted books of authors from the mentioned cultural sphere they encountered great difficulties. Stocks of old books were in 1945 destroyed; as for the after-war editions of works of emigrants, a person intending to acquire one was to request a special permission for importing. Prohibited books and magazines have in Slovenia been collected in special library departments, closed for a wider public, and became more accessible only in the eighties.

Gabrič, Aleš, Ph.D of History, Senior Research Fellow, Institut for Contemporary History, Kongresni trg 1, SI-Ljubljana, Slovenia