14 / 2001
Matjaž Klemenčič

Slovene cultural heritage in the United States

Slovenes in the United States built relatively large numbers of Slovene cultural monuments in their settlements. We could differ among church and other monuments. There were many churches built by Slovene immigrants from the 1890s till 1920s and later, among the latest Slovene Chapel in Washington D.C. built in 1970s deserve special mentioning. Some of them are important architectural monuments. Also Slovene newspapers on the Slovene ethnic territory wrote extensively about them. Also Slovene National Homes represent important part of Slovene ethnic heritage in the United States. In these Homes also valuable artistic pictures may be found. They were painted either by important Slovene American artists or by famous Slovene artists from the Slovene ethnic territory. Also some sculptures could be found especially in the Homes and in the places like Slovene cultural gardens in Cleveland. When these monuments were built they wrote about them in Slovene ethnic newspapers published by Slovene immigrants in the U. S.