55 / 2022
Ana Cergol Paradiž, Petra Testen Koren

Slovene Women Immigrants in Trst (Trieste): The Issue of Identity at the 1910 Census

The article analyzes the role of Slovene servants—mostly immigrants from the surrounding Slovenian basin and nearby Austrian lands—during the 1910 census in Trieste. The focus is on their autonomous behavior regarding the dependent position within households and the public pressure of (Slovene and Italian) national elites in the city. With the public discourse, archival material, and quantitative analysis of a sample of census polls, the research synthesizes the importance of data such as the language of communication and the servants’ places of origin. It then interpretively places them in the context of (national) identity.
Keywords: Slovene servants, immigrants, (national) identity, national elites, 1910 census, Trst/Trieste

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