55 / 2022
Ursula Prutsch

Between Nostalgia and Nationalism: Emigrants from the Habsburg Empire in South America

This article offers four migration narratives from three states—Brazil, Argentina, andChile—including biographic approaches and group identities, cultural nostalgiaand nationalist resentment. The divergent trajectories of the Dalmatian businesstycoons Nicolás Mihanovich in Argentina and Pascual Baburizza in Chile, thecelebration of inter-ethnic Austrian-ness in Ijuí (Brazil) vs. the symbolic constructionof a “second Poland” by Polish immigrants in Paraná (Brazil) seek to open differentwindows into the highly complex panorama of Austrian-Hungarian emigration to Latin America. Although approximately 300,000 Habsburg subjects sought theretheir new homeland, the topic remains underresearched.
KEYWORDS: Habsburg Empire, South America, nationalism, supranational identity