33 / 2011
Marina Perić Kaselj

Ethnic identity of Croats in Switzerland: systematization and analysis of the activities and interactions of Croatian ethnic societies

The exploration of ethnic societies in destination countries is an important aspect in study of migrations. Ethnic societies not only shape the activities and identity of migrants, but also aff ect the integration of the immigrants into the receiving societies. The paper discusses the migration of Croats (Yugoslavs) to Switzerland, and the ethnic identity of Croatian migrants in Switzerland in terms of social organizing (through the activities and interactions of various Croatian ethnic societies) in the period when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia. The paper is an attempt to point to a specifi c social context and socio-cultural diff erences of Croatian migrants in relation to diff erent periods and causes of emigration, and thus to diff erent forms and intensity of ethnic organization and impacts of Croatian immigrant societies on the preservation of their ethnic identity as well as on the integration in Swiss society.
KEY WORDS: migrations, Croatian migrants, social organizing, Croats in Switzerland, Croatian ethnic societies, ethnic identity