51 / 2020
Tanja Žigon, Vesna Kondrič Horvat, Boštjan Udovič

Questions of Identity, Migrations and Transculturality: The Case of the Poet Cvetka Lipuš

Cvetka Lipuš is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning poet born in the Carinthia region in Austria. After graduating from university in Austria, she moved to the United States. After more than a decade of living across the Atlantic, she returned and settled in Salzburg. She has published seven poetry collections to date, and is one of the most important ambassadors of Slovenian culture abroad. She writes her poetry only in her mother tongue, i.e. Slovene, while she has also studied and worked in German and English. In this paper, we examine how her migrations and the three cultures are reflected in her life and work.
KEY WORDS: Cvetka Lipuš, Slovenian literature, national minority, emigration, migrations, transculturality

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