50 / 2019
Irena Avsenik Nabergoj

The Mission of the Church in Dialogue with Non-Christian Religions

The article provides a brief overview of the milestones that have encouraged new approaches to the missionary activities of the Church throughout history. The main purpose is to determine how the Second Vatican Council responded to the process of globalization after the Second World War, what its understanding of inculturation was, and what new pathways for evangelization were sought in the missionary activities of the Church. The methodological principle is the comparative analysis of documents on the foundations, goals and means of pursuing the mission in a spirit of dialogue, enabling the recognition of good contributions from non-Christian religions. The article also includes more recent theological discourse on new challenges in attitudes to the mission.
KEY WORDS: the mission of the Church, milestones of the missions throughout history, renewal in relation to tradition, common core of all religions, dialogue