11-12 / 2000
Veronika Ferfolja

Book Reviews - Breda Čebulj Sajko, Razpotja izseljencev: Razdvojena identiteta avstralskih Slovencev, Ljubljana: Založba ZRC, 2000, 140 pp.

With this publication Čebulj-Sajko has made another important contribution to the hitherto little researched lives and identities of post WWII Slovene immigrants in Australia. This publication comprises the second part of her PhD thesis, Posledice »dvojne identitete« v vsakdanjem življenju avstralskih Slovencev. The first part waspublished in 1999 as Etnologija in izseljenstvo and was, by her own description, a »survey and analysis of published ethnological texts on Slovene em igration between 1926 and 1993, and simultaneously an introduction into the autobiographic method connected with this topic« (Razpotja izseljencev, p. 133). Razpotja izseljencev is an »on-the-ground« exam ination of how »double-ethnic identity« has manifested among Slovenian immigrants in Australia.