42 / 2015
Marco Eimermann

Lifestyle Migration beyond Consumption – Production Binaries: Dutch Migrants and Multifunctional Rural Land Use in Sweden


Lifestyle migration literature often focuses on lifestyle migrants as consumers. However, this paper shows how various modes of production are involved in everyday migrant lives as they seek to produce the lifestyles sought. The paper’s aim is twofold: to explore issues of production in lifestyle migrants’ everyday lives, and to examine these migrants’ potential contributions to local rural development in lagging rural areas such as Swedish Bergslagen. This aim is addressed through two in-depth interview studies. The findings suggest that the respondents combine lifestyle-led motivations with seeking labour opportunities. Hence, studying these migrants is useful for investigating newcomers’ multifunctional rural land use and examining how their engagements with local rural development increases our understanding of their post-migration lives in lagging rural areas.

KEY WORDS: consumption, Dutch lifestyle migrants in Sweden, multifunctional rural land use, production, lagging rural areas

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