1 / 1990
Andrej Vovko


The idea of publishing a new collection of studies and thus adding another »hungry mouth« at the barely adequate »bowl« of resources which our country earmarks for science, might seem questionable a t this time of economic crisis. Also, one could ask whether there hasn’t already been enough attention paid in print to our homeland’s interest in Slovene emigrants. What are the principal justifications for this publication of Two Homelands?

The first idea concerning the necessity for a special scientific publication devoted to migrations occurred to the researchers within The Institute for Slovene Emigration Research of the Centre of Scientific Research of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts as early as the end of 1987, when our Institute attained its more or less final form. The importance of studying and reporting on emigration patterns was emphasized at that time. Quite naturally, there was great interest and enormous enthusiasm among the entire staff of the Institute for an ambitious project that would present its work and help satisfy our nation’s booming interest in Slovene emigration. The Institute’s desire to publish this anthology was even more justified since our scientific press, which in other respects has a fairly rich offering, does not include a publication devoted exclusively to questions connected with Slovene emigration. Articles on this subject matter have so far been published only in various miscellanea, journals, papers, or almanacs. Slovene emigration, a phenomenon so important to our national existence, a phenomenon which concerns no less than one third of the Slovene nation, certainly deserves a special scientific publication.

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