44 / 2016
Ana Maria Aragonés, Uberto Salgado

Denmark and Norway: Matching Labor Market Needs with Qualified Migrants

The relevance of our article is based on the fact that migrant workers have been very important in recent years, and since the 2007-2008 financial crisis, these kinds of workers have been playing a substantial role in the developed countries, particularly the highly qualified migrants. These countries are facing several problems. Structural demographic changes have negatively affected the labor market, which has also caused problems in the education sector. These are obstacles to economic growth in the framework of the knowledge economy, and incorporating highly skilled migrants and talented foreign students is a way to overcome these difficulties. In this article, we analyze two Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Norway, and the ways they are adopting various strategies to overcome their problems, implementing new public policies to retain talented foreign students and hiring highly qualified migrant workers.

KEYWORDS: highly skilled migration, qualified worker, knowledge economy, demographics, foreign students