16 / 2002
Marjan Drnovšek

Slovenian Communist Party’s Treatment of Political Emigration Before 1991

Between 1945 and 1991, the Slovenian political emigration was under observation from both the repressive agencies and the Communist Party. The Party and other political organisations kept a close eye on emigrants’ activities and tried to suppress their influence in Slovenia and in emigrant circles. The „iron-fist“ period was followed by a „mellower“ period. At first, the term political emigrant was used for everyone who left Yugoslavia (e.g. in 1950’s). Later on, the term was used for an increasingly small circle of intellectuals and political activists. Repression against them was to be used until the fall of communism. Yugoslavian and Slovenian legal framework condoned such treatment, especially in stemming the information flow. In spite of this, emigrants stayed in contact with their home country, but such contacts often caused persecution or enforced isolation. The well-preserved archive materials enable us to examine behind-the-scenes planning and activities of the Party, pertaining to the Slovenian political emigrants.