16 / 2002
Irena Gantar Godina

Josip Vuga – A Slovene Learned Man in Česke Budejovice

The contribution is about in the Slovene history overlooked Slovene intellectual, publicist and professor Josip Vuga who lived from 1918 until his death in Bohemia. As a great advocator of the Slavic and Yugoslav idea, and of Slovene-Czech friendship Vuga was active in bringing to realization those ideas until his health allowed him to. While he was, during his studying years, that is before the Great War, acquainting exhaustively the Czechs with circumstances in Slovenia, Vuga has been after the war, beside his professorial work, active (he was as well among the founders) in the Czech-Yugoslav committee in the frame of which he held numerous lectures an events, and was publishing the newspaper Jugoslovansko kolo. After the year 1920 Vuga focused in his contributions mainly on acquainting the Czechs with the problematic of Slovene minorities.