14 / 2001
Dušan Drljača, Jadranka Đorđević

Gusle, gusle-players and their societies among the serbian immigrants in united states

Gusle is the music instrument which can be found in several regions of Eurasia, but is especially characteristic of Dinaric region in Balkans. At the end of last century, it could have been found in America too. Societies of gusle-players, especially of those originated from Montenegro, at the beginning have been organized on the basis of kin relations. During the First World War, gusle-players from Serbia travelled across USA, visiting Serbian colonies, and calling volunteers to join the army in native country. In the period between world wars, some distinguished gusle-players have been working as teachers in parochial schools. After World War II, Serbian immigrants in USA are represents of various music traditions; among these traditions, gusle-playing is still of certain importance.