59 / 2024
Oleg Yaroshenko, Volodymyr Harashchuk, Olena Moskalenko, Galina Yakovleva, Vitalii Svitlychnyi

A Comparative Analysis of Forced Migrants’ Rights Abroad and in Ukraine and Control Over Their Observance Under Conditions of Martial Law

The scientific work aims to determine which rights are provided for forcibly resettled persons in Ukraine and other European countries, identifying common and distinctive features. This study uses various research methods to assess the situation of internally displaced persons in Ukraine, including their legal status, regional distribution, and rights under special conditions. It also investigates Ukrainian forced migrants’ main destinations, living conditions, rights to education and employment, and Ukrainian and host countries’ social policies on financial aid and housing.
Keywords: internally displaced persons, social policy, migration policy, Russian-Ukrainian war, humanitarian crisis