58 / 2023
Nicola Costalunga

Book Review – Fabio Perocco (ed.), Migration and Torture in Today’s World Venezia: Edizioni Ca’ Foscari, 2023, 290 pp.

At a particularly delicate historical juncture, namely, the post-pandemic one, wherethe topic of migration is regaining importance on different socio-political-economiclevels, Migration and Torture in Today’s World brings to the center of research interesta concept inextricably linked to the migration phenomenon: torture. Throughan analysis of torture in its broadest sense, including the inhuman and degradingtreatment of migrants, this volume edited by Fabio Perocco—which followsthe volume Torture and Migration (2019, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari)—compiles twelvecontributions (including a rich introduction to the volume by Perocco himself)of heterogeneous content focusing on different perspectives on the correlationbetween migration and torture. Each author contributes through multi- andinter-disciplinary works to create a multidimensional analysis of the phenomenon,helping the reader to deconstruct the complexity of the different scientificapproaches toward a common interpretative strand and a homogeneous reconstructionof the migration-torture theme.