58 / 2023
Mojca Kovačič, Urša Šivic

Migrations of the Nationalization of Music: From Folk to Folk-Pop Music

The paper discusses folk and folk-pop music from the perspective of the development of their symbolic meaning for the immediate and wider community. The migration of ascribed meanings and moral and aesthetic values from one era to another, from one community to another, or from one social class to another is the focus of the observation of these two musical genres, which link a number of dichotomies. If folk music played one of the most important nationally representative roles in the 20th century, in recent decades, folk-pop music has begun to play this role alongside folk music, as state policies have begun to accept it as part of their agenda, thus legitimizing it as a symbol of national representation.
Keywords: folk music, folk-pop music, cultural nationalism, cultural policy, national identity

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