58 / 2023
Jasmina Šepetavc, Natalija Majsova

Slovenian Folk-Pop Music as Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Critical Analysis of the Discourses and Practices of Heritage Gatekeepers in Slovenia and Slovenian Diasporas

Based on thirteen interviews with foreign, national, regional, and local folk-pop museum and festival representatives, the article unpacks in what ways these heritage gatekeepers understand folk-pop music as heritage. The authors further analyze to what extent the definitions of popular-music genres as cultural heritage in the diasporas and Slovenia coincide or differ. The analysis shows that the gatekeepers’ understanding of folk-pop as heritage tends to be broader than their heritage activities indicate. Moreover, stakeholders’ assessments of the impact of Slovenian diasporas abroad and foreign influences on Slovenian culture significantly affect their understanding of folk-pop as heritage.
Keywords: folk-pop music, heritage gatekeepers, hybridity, Slovenians abroad, Slovenia

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