56 / 2022
Marijanca Ajša Vižintin, Boris Kern

Integration of Immigrant Children in Slovenia: Intensive Slovenian Language Courses for Beginners and Possibilities for Intercultural Dialogue

The revised legislation for primary and secondary schools provides an intensive language courses of Slovenian for beginners and monitoring of an individual’s integration progress. More and more didactic materials are available for children of different ages, but challenges remain. There are even more challenges in implementing intercultural dialogue in the classroom. Curricula and teaching materials should reflect social diversity yet often portray migrants and members of minority groups negatively or do not portray them at all. We must change that and offer them different opportunities to introduce themselves, to talk about the challenges of integration, their hyphenated identity, and their role in society.
Keywords: migrant children, intensive language course of Slovenian, curricula, eurocentrism, life stories

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