55 / 2022
Nikolai Genov

Book Reviews - Dejan Valentinčič, Medetnična integracija v lokalnem okolju. Primer Nove Gorice in Gorice Gorizia: Zadruga Goriška Mohorjeva and Inštitut ASEF za izobraževanje in raziskovanje, 2021, 413 pp.

A couple of years ago, I tried to collect information about the ethnic policies in South-Eastern Europe for university teaching. Slovenian colleagues were very cooperative and supplied me with rich information about the social integration policies concerning Roma. This information was enough for resolving the tasks I had at that time. However, step by step, I learned more about the ethnic composition and interethnic relations in Slovenian society. I was struck by the fact that the ethnic picture there was much more complex and complicated than the single case of the Roma minority. In addition, I received a lot of information about Slovenian ethnic minorities in the neighboring countries.