14 / 2001
Janja Žitnik Serafin

The Slovene emigrants’ creative writing and its role in modern Slovene culture

The study includes an analysis of the presence of Slovene emigrant literature in the native culture, in literary sciences and in education. The analysis is schemed chronologically and includes comparison of the role of emigrant literature in Slovenia by individual decades after World War II. Within the frame of its’ changing role in the native culture, publishing houses in Slovenia, active in that field, the Slovene editions of emigrant anthologies, and cultural magazines in homeland that have interest in emigrant writers, are presented. An analysis follows on dealing emigrant literature in fundamental literary-historical surveys and in lexicons and in other scientific and professional publications in serial and non-serial publications. In continuation results of the research on integration of emigrant literature in primary and secondary schools education contents and in university studying programmes are summed up. In her conclusion the author gives concrete suggestions for a more vital incorporation of emigrant word art into modern Slovene culture.