55 / 2022
Vesna Đikanović

Between Humanitarianism and Politics: Some Aspects of the Relief Efforts by Yugoslav Immigrants in the United States

The article examines specific aspects of the humanitarian engagement of Yugoslav immigrants in the United States during World War II. In addition, it aims to highlight how particular ideological, political, and ethnonational views were expressed through the organization, cooperation, and engagement in humanitarian actions. The article reviews the engagement of the United Committee of South-Slavic Americans (UCSSA), an organization whose one activity was sending aid to vulnerable compatriots in the old homeland. It also sheds light on a specific endeavor, namely, the process of loading the Yugoslav ship with humanitarian aid for the partisans and civilians in the liberated parts of Yugoslavia.
Keywords: United Committee of South-Slavic Americans, War Relief Fund of Americans of South Slavic Descent, Yugoslav immigration, humanitarian aid