53 / 2021
Rok Zupančič, Denis Premec

The Attitudes of People Living at the Slovenian State Border Toward Immigrants: A Case Study of the Municipalities Kostel and Osilnica

The authors explore the attitudes of residents of Kostel and Osilnica, two Slovenian municipalities bordering Croatia, toward people on the move. In this area, immigrants attempt to cross the border in large numbers; hence, the contact between the local population and the immigrants is more regular than elsewhere. The authors explore how the attitudes of locals living near the border compare to those of the general population of Slovenia and whether these attitudes are correlated with gender, age, education, and religion. The authors contextualize this micro-study, based on surveying in Kostel and Osilnica in 2020, within the large-scale surveying of Slovenia as a whole (Slovenian Public Opinion Survey).
KEYWORDS: people on the move, migrants, migrations, migrant crisis, Slovenian-Croatian border

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