28 / 2008
John Corsellis

Book Reviews: Rozina Švent, Slovenski begunci v Austriji 1945–1950, Založba ZRC Ljubljana 2007, 378 str.

Dr. Rozina Švent’s Slovenski begunci v Austriji 1945-1950 is an important addition to the growing literature on the Slovene political migration. Its scope is admirably summarised by dr. Joze Rant on its back cover: The book describes the life and activities of those post-war Slovene refugees from communism, whom the British did not return to Jugoslavia in 1945. The study fills one of the gaps in recent Slovene history. On the basis of numerous primary and secondary, written and oral sources it inventories the part of the Slovene families abroad from May 1945 until the emigration overseas of the majority of them, mostly to Argentina.